Hi, I’m Megan! Welcome to my blog, Hugging Trees and Shelling Peas.

I’m an animal lover, an Earth enthusiast, a hobbyist gardener, a home chef, DIY’er and a jewelry maker. I am not a strict vegan, but since about 85% of my diet excludes meat, dairy and eggs, I love experimenting with vegan cooking and creating my own vegan recipes. I strive to keep a green home and a clean diet. I love to travel. I find joy in the small things and I try to have little adventures in my daily life. When I’m not working at my day job, I like to explore and learn. I live with my husband Brad, and our two kitties Jasmine and Moe.

The kinds of posts you’ll find on Hugging Trees and Shelling Peas include: healthy recipes (many are vegan), DIY projects, ideas for green living, accounts of my big and small adventures, how to use the fresh produce from a farm share, Pinterest successes and fails, maybe some triumphs in gardening, and definitely the occasional photo or two of my cats! So, please follow Hugging Trees and Shelling Peas if any of these things might make you smile!

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